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Class of 1998 Reunion Tickets$ 48.60
This ticket is per person.
When:9/27/08 7:00 p.m.
Where:The Brick House
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Ashley Cassell
Brady Cunningham
Laurie Cunningham
Dan Lilyquist
Anne Regan
Erica Tew
Ross Tew
Adrienne Link
Eric Link
Crystal Prejean
Eric Prejean
Jonathan Booe
Josh Crookshank
Kayci Crookshank
Jenny Maneille
Zachary Maneille
Tricia Bruns
Jill Louviere Stagg
Sasha Myers
Cain Schexneider
Spike Stagg
Lacy Vinson
Alexis Wilson
Emily Barnett
Jason Barnett
Carl Barrow
Theresa Barrow
Isaritza Picornell
Teri Sugandi
Matt Graham
Mrs. Matt Graham
Courtney Dressler
Joey Dressler
Lyndsey Dehart
C.E. McManemin
Christa Viator McManemin
David Smith
Emily Fryar Smith
David Lambert
Jesse Lambert
Josh Miller
Julie Price
Kayla DOnaldson
Tray Donaldson
Katie Coyne
Brandon Frank
Michael Whitman
Monica Hasan
Stephanie Robertson ((Becnel))
Erica Biagas
Brent Carbo
Mark Robertson
Paul Shaw
Regan Shaw
Branton Broussard
Clint Sanford
Kathryn Sanford
Jeff Taylor
Sara Taylor
Lee Zimmermann
Candyce Brown
Dustin Brown
Matt Cara
Rachel White
Erik Jessen
Kaela Falcon Jessen
Donnie Broussard
Haley Barker Broussard
Ashley Rogers
Nathan Bruno
Tiffany Bruno
Melissa Carbo
Brent Cloud
Stacy Thibodeaux
Nick Daugherty
Elizabeth Williams
Kyle Williams
Lance LaFleur
Holly Grice
Mandy Kenvin
Christin Sanderson
Total 82